20 Foods You Didn’t Know Have Been Genetically Modified

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Finding food that is labeled as non-GMO seems to be somewhat difficult nowadays. The health trend has caused fears in many that what they’re eating is pumped full of harmful toxins because of farmers genetically modifying fruits and vegetables. The truth is, people have been genetically modifying food for decades now! A lot of the fruit and vegetables we eat look and taste way different than they used to, and for this, we can blame those who genetically modify these substances. Here are some of the most popular foods that you probably weren’t aware are actually genetically modified.


Source: Pixabay

Apples are actually one of the fruits that are a newer genetic modification. A lot of people assumed that apples have been tampered with throughout history, causing their multiple colors. That is not true, however. But recently, people have been experimenting with new variations of apples, and the FDA recently approved a type of apple that doesn’t brown in color, even after it’s cut! Would you try it?