23 Exciting Dollar Store DIY Projects. I’m Doing #12 With My Kids Tonight.

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Dollar stores tend to get a bad rap. When you think of the low priced items they carry, we judge it as low quality and let’s be honest, ‘cheap looking’ stuff.It may be time for you to give your neighborhood store another chance. Here are some really cool DIY projects that look like they were bought at a boutique.

#1. Mirror beauty

Purchase approximately 19 compact mirrors. Break them in half, spray paint to desired color. Lay out the mirrors to figure out the design. Hot glue the mirrors together.

Mirror beauty


#2. Flower bouquet

Place a styrofoam ball on a candlestick. Rip plastic flowers from the stem, stick these to the styrofoam in a row while hot glueing them. Tie a ribbon on the base of the candlestick.

Flower bouquet


#3. Woodsy technology

If your laptop cover has seen better days, give it a make-over.Contact paper is your answer. Trace along the laptop so you can cut around it the shape. To keep the logo showing, outline the shape and use an x-facto knife to carve it out. Pull off the cover paper and tape it on. Smooth it out to get rid of bubbles.

Woodsy technology


#4. Terra vase

Purchase a plant, white gravel and vase. Take the plant out of its planter and place in the vase. Add the gravel and enjoy your new terrarium.

Terra vase


#5. Thumbtack art

Using a stencil, cut out your desired word or shape and adorn with thumbtacks.

Thumbtack art


#6. Summer ombre vases

Use an inexpensive dollar store glass vase and paint horizontal stripes. To achieve the ombre effect start with white acrylic paint at the top. Each stripe should have a darker shade of your favorite color.

Summer ombre vases