24 Celebrity Habits That Will Blow Your Mind. WTF Johnny Depp?!

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#7. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had some weird eating habits. Rumor has it that he liked to eat the same exact foods, many days in a row. He also ate so many carrots that his skin turned orange. His philosophy was also that you can reduce body odor by the type of food you eat.

Steve Jobs

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#8. President Obama

Obama is said to have revived the “night-owl presidency,” sometimes working past 2 am.According to some sources, it’s the only real opportunity he has to unwind and truly be alone.

President Obama

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#9. Cameron Diaz

Because of her obsessive compulsive disorder, Cameron Diaz often opens doors with her elbows instead of her hands.

Cameron Diaz

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#10. Jennifer Anniston

According to some sources, Jennifer Anniston has a superstition: She always enters a plane with her right foot first and taps the outside of the plane upon entering.

Jennifer Anniston

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#11. Demi Moore

In what is yet another unsurprising beauty treatment out of Los Angeles, Demi Moore uses bloodsucking leeches to detox her body. Hey, they did it in medieval times, so why shouldn’t she?

Demi Moore

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#12. Katy Perry

Katy Perry carries twenty toothbrushes everywhere she goes, and brushes her pearly whites six times a day. We’ll admit it: Her smile is radiant.

Katy Perry