28 People Doing Inappropriate Things To Innocent Statues… #17 Is Painfully Funny.

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No matter what big city you visit, you will likely come across a statue that is quite the sight to behold. Most tell a story about the area or recognize the achievements of important people while others are strictly art pieces to beautify the outdoors. Statues have stood the test of time and give passersby great photo ops and a rare opportunity to learn a little more about our surroundings.

Although, you have to admire the creativity of pranksters who interact with statues in funny ways that completely change the tone and perception of the piece. Thanks to the comedic efforts of people who see statues differently than most of us, we can share a laugh at the expense of these silent guardians.

#1. Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast.


#2. Founding father taking a selfie.

Founding father taking a selfie.

#3. Dance moves á la Beyoncé.

Dance moves á la Beyoncé.


#4. Copping a feel.

Copping a feel.


#5. Home run.

Home run.

#6. High-five!


#7. Hair pulling statue.

Hair pulling statue.