33 Brides Who Didn’t Wear White On Their Wedding Day, And They Absolutely Rocked It.

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Weddings are pretty standard in terms of what to expect. The bride, the groom, flowers, cake, speeches, and dance. For some, there is not much room for originality, particularly in the wedding dress department. Ever since Queen Victoria wore white to her nuptials to Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobur in 1840, brides have been relying on the white dress as the color of choice. Some women will flirt with other shades of white like eggshell or ivory.

Every once in a while though, women will break tradition completely and go for a new color altogether. And the reality is, once brides-to-be decide to opt out of white, the options are endless. There is no rule of what hue to wear or not. In fact, prior to the British monarch making white the standard, most brides chose their favourite color for their gowns.

Take a look at some brave new brides buck the traditional color for a splash of a new one.


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