A Wing And A Prayer: Planes That Almost Crashed

12 min

Plane crashes are simply terrifying, and the scary thing is that although they say air travel is safer and more reliable than it’s ever been, accidents still happen. Although statistically, airliners have fewer accidents than cars, the destruction caused by accidents in the sky is jaw-dropping.

Jets That Nearly Collided

As with most everything, there are some incidents that have happened over the years. So, if you’re inclined to read some scary stories, take a look here. You’ll learn what happens when those huge commercial jets nearly collide. Imagine what it would be like to watch another airplane pass by, within arm’s reach.

Near Miss at Barcelona Airport

It happens so quickly, even just looking at that image of the two planes both converging on the same spot makes us want to cringe. It happened at Barcelona’s El Prat airport, while the Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus taxied across the runway, just as the Russian airline Utair was making its final approach.

Disaster was averted as the landing plane quickly changed its flight path, circled around, and landed safely. The Spanish airport authority AENA launched an investigation into the incident. As scary as it is, it’s by no means uncommon. And, of course, near misses like this are a preferred outcome compared to the alternative of a full-on crash.