Deep Pockets, Big Influence: The Largest Celeb Donations To Politics This Year

8 min

Money, we all know, makes the world go ’round. But it also makes politics go ’round. In fact, politicians rely heavily on the donations of their supporters. These donations help pay for aides, for campaign materials, for travel expenses, and for the ad spots that leave us all reaching for our remotes.

While everyday people donate what they can to the politicians they believe in, celebrities often donate more: simply put, because they have more to donate. This makes them proverbial golden geese for presidential hopefuls. Still, not all celebrities write a six-figure check. Some donate less, while others donate into the millions.

To find out which twenty celebrities donated big so far this election cycle, give your time to the following list:

Steven Spielberg

The man famous for “Phone Home” also phoned his bank, to the sum of $1,002,700 dollars. He donated a million dollars to Priorities USA Action, an organization that supports Hillary Clinton (their tagline: “We’re All In For Hillary Clinton”). He also donated personally to her, though at a much-reduced rate: $2,700 dollars. And he isn’t the only celebrity to donate the exact same amounts to these two entities.