I Never Considered Visiting Iceland Until I Saw These 37 Brilliant Photos.

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Iceland is a unique country that offers the most breathtaking landscapes with erupting volcanoes, majestic green mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and stunning glaciers. It’s no wonder it attracts the best photographers from around the world.

Here are just a handful of places waiting to be explored.

#1. Scenic wonderland

Max Rive

#2. You can visit some of the beautiful churches like this one. This is one of the last peat churches in Iceland, made from wood and peat. The humps are ancient graves.

Menno Schaefer

#3. There are places there that will take your breath away.

Milko Marchetti

#4. The flight over the South Coast and Central Highlands is one of the most awesome things you’ll ever see.

Antony Spencer

#5. You might get to see some wildlife like this wild Arctic fox.

Einar Gudmann