Michelle Obama’s 20 Most Memorable Moments In The White House

8 min

Michelle Obama is arguably the coolest first lady that our nation has ever had. She is both emotionally positive and intellectually stimulating. When looking back at her accomplishments, it’s easy to see why she is loved by so many people of all shapes and sizes.

The main reason why millions of people all over the world love her could be because of her infectious smile and the radiance that exudes from it. She is a lady who truly knows how to empower people and inspire greatness in everyone.

Join us as we take a look at 20 of Michelle’s most memorable moments in the White House.

Let’s Move Fitness Challenge

One of Michelle Obama’s most memorable moments was her initiative called the Let’s Move Fitness Challenge. She stated with absolutely no uncertainty that the Let’s Move Fitness Challenge was something that was very near and dear to her heart. This campaign was a way for her to bring about positive changes to the way our nation feels about health and nutrition.