Science Proves That Men With Chubby Women Are 10 Times Happier!

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Bigger is better according to a recent study from UNAM’s department of psychology.

The study’s groundbreaking findings show that men with plus-sized partners are consistently happier than those who date skinny. Along with a heightened feeling of wellbeing, men with large, curvy women were found to smile more and worry less. Plus, men with chubby women were found to have heightened critical thinking and problem solving abilities than their counterparts. This university-sanctioned study flies in the face of the mainstream-media’s obsession with a thin, unhealthy body image.

Indeed, with celebrities like Adele and Beyonce in the spotlight, men are trading in skinny shoulders for the healthy curves of a well-fed woman. It appears that chubby women equal, if not better lovers than those on the other end of the scale. But Dr. Filemon Alvardo, a lead scientist in the study, says that the attractiveness of plus-sized women does not stop at looks. According to Dr. Alvardo, chubby women have an easier time in social situations than their skinny counterparts.

The conclusion of the study presents men with chubby women as being 10 times happier than the rest of the field! In short, it has never been a better time to be a woman sporting some extra weight. This is a strong message to girls and women that their bodies are something to be proud of. In fact, it appears as though they are better than the rest at keeping their men satisfied. These recent findings are another giant leap for the empowerment of women, regardless of race, size, or orientation. The day may soon be upon us when every woman gets the love that she deserves.

As for the men in the room: the research findings are there; act accordingly.