Surprising Things To Leave Off Your Baby Registry (And Some You Can’t)

13 min

Whether you’re about to become a mom for the first time, or even if you already have children, deciding which baby products to register for can be tricky. Many new parents become overwhelmed by the abundance of advice from well-meaning friends and family who insist that they “need” a slew of particular products in order to raise a happy and healthy baby. While everyone’s needs are different, the products at the beginning of our list are the ones consistently cited by new moms as unnecessary. And to make things even easier on you, we’re also including some items that *are* universally considered must-haves for new parents. So don’t panic – read this list and enjoy the process of creating your baby registry!

Designer Diaper Bags

We get it – it’s hard to resist those adorable and stylish designer diaper bags that come along with steep price tags (sometimes over $1,000+!). But consider not only the short time you’ll actually use the bag – a couple of years, tops – but also the wear and tear that bag will endure while it’s in use. It will be spilled in, dropped on filthy floors, serve as storage for dirty diapers, and probably end up covered in spit-up at least once.

Resist the urge to splurge and register for a good quality, but moderately priced, diaper bag instead. Skip Hop offers this cute Duo Signature Diaper Bag, which comes complete with a matching portable changing mat, for only $52.