The Best-Selling Christian Writers

12 min

Some people have the wrong idea about what Christian writing is. These best-selling writers prove that Christian writing can be hip, fun, and even more important, relevant. These are the top Christian writers of 2016!

Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn is one of the most famous contemporary Christian writers out there today. Alcorn is a New York Times bestseller, who specializes in both fiction and non-fiction. Alcorn’s most recent book is the exceptional work God’s Promise of Happiness, which details how God loves you, no matter what you may find yourself doing.

Besides writing, Alcorn is the creator of Eternal Perspective Ministries, which is known as a Christ-centered belief group that teaches two things: God’s word and to help people who are in need of God’s assistance. The group also works as a non-profit organization and charity to help with issues such as world hunger. Randy Alcorn has also taught at the college level and uses his book profits to help out people who are less fortunate.