These 100% Sustainable Homes Will Make You Rethink Your Priorities In Life.

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An Earthship is a type of forward-thinking, 100% sustainable home. What this means is that, if you decide to build one of these, you can essentially live ‘off the grid’… providing yourself with your own food, power, water, sewage treatment, and so on. Furthermore, these homes are made of completely recycled material, and are extremely earth-friendly.

Read on to discover some reasons why it would be completely awesome to have an Earthship! You just never know when the apocalypse might get here.

1. Awesome To Live In

Just because you want to live in completely self-sustaining home, doesn’t mean it has to be primitive, as if it were separated from the 21st century! Believe it or not, these homes actually have quite a lot of modern amenities you would find in a typical home.