These Nifty Relationship Tips Are Simple But Insanely Effective. #18 Is Brilliant.

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A Reddit user asked, “What little things have you done to improve the quality of your relationship with your significant other?” He get flooded with responses and got really great tips that people were actually doing in their own relationships. Here’s some of the top voted responses.

#1. Let them have the last bite.

“I always give my significant other the last bite of anything we’re sharing. Especially dessert. No matter how amazingly delicious…I insist.”

Let them have the last bite.


#2. Spend more time together in the mornings, even if it means less sleep.

“My significant other gets up around 5:30 every morning. Instead of staying in bed, I wake up make coffee for him before he hops in the shower. I get everything ready the night before even the cups with sugar and creamer and just hit the brew button when I jump out of bed, then we have coffee and breakfast together when he’s out of the shower. Seems like a small thing but it gives us 5 extra hours together a week and it’s some of the best moments of my day.”

Spend more time together in the mornings, even if it means less sleep.


#3. Cook together.

“We cook dinner together every night. She usually makes a salad or the vegetables. I do the meat. It’s 30-45 minutes a night we work together to make something, and it’s every night.”

Cook together.

Eric Lafforgue

#4. Take their parents to lunch.

“This is an even bigger gift to your significant other as your parents get older. Having one, often lonely parent, is a burden. Sometimes, I show up at her Dad’s house and take him out to lunch. He loves it, but she loves it even more. I do whatever I can to take some of that burden off her shoulders.”

Take their parents to lunch.

Colin Charles