This Guy Injected His Dick With Stem Cells to Try to Make It Bigger

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Ben Greenfield is known as an offbeat figure among fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, he’s an expert to the category of nerds who dedicate themselves in observing their own biometric information for insight to their individual health.

Greenfield is quite popular, in fact, he has more than 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, 50,000 Twitter followers, and 60,000 Facebook fans. But today he may possibly become more popular because of what he did. Greenfield injected his dick with sperm cells to make it bigger.

According to Greenfield, he wants to take good care of his body in the best possible way. However, the reason why Greenfield did it is that he’s having fun using what science had given to him to make his body better.

Without a doubt, Greenfield is somewhat of a human science experiment, who is willing to try everything for some publicity. Actually, Greenfield exposed himself to stem cell injections, sound wave therapies, and platelet-rich plasma injection, all in search of better health and bodily enhancement.

In November, he visited a provocative health center in Florida, the U.S. Stem Cell to have his dick injected using his stem cells. If the health center looks like familiar to you, well, that is the Florida clinic who accidentally blinded three persons in an experimental trial of an untested stem cell therapy last year.

Nevertheless, Greenfield stated that he desired to go from good to extraordinary and to acquire a bigger penis. “I’m not going to lie, that is why men without erectile dysfunction would do this”, Greenfield added.

In the recent Webinar, Comella and Greenfield explained how the process worked. He had U.S. Stem Cell separate stems cells from his body’s fat cells. After which, the stem cells were inoculated to his dick’s “meat of the tissue”. Actually, he confirmed at the webinar that he doesn’t feel anything aside from a bit of pressure.

However, several studies have revealed that stem cells can treat erectile dysfunction in guys. There’s one study in which stem cells were utilized to treat 17 gentlemen who experienced erectile dysfunction after having a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. But according to Greenfield, he did it because he wants to improve this manhood not to fix medical problems.

However, the proof that the treatment can treat erectile issues is still promising. The horde of The Stem Cell Podcast and a molecular physiologist Kiki Sanford said that the study presented in the conference is not dangerous and it is also small of a study to show whether it actually works even in gentlemen with erectile troubles.

According to Sanford, you cannot say that since a particular study may have improved function in lacking tissue it will perform alike in normal tissues. The body does not necessarily work that way, Sanford added. Furthermore, even though the procedure is harmless it can still pose complications such as infection.

Nevertheless, Greenfield told Webinar that operation had turned him strikingly better hung. Not only that, he said that three or four days after his procedure his dick almost grew and got harder. His erections got bigger while his orgasms become better.

Gizmodo questioned Ben Greenfield if he has measured the size of his dick. And he answered, “I have not taken out a ruler”. But one thing is for sure, it looks stunningly bigger.

Either way, he considered himself as a huge believer of stem cells. In fact, he had them in his hip and knee to aid him to recover from his injury, which is very successful according to him. Also, he injected stem cells on his arms as a performance improver.

However, Greenfield admitted that there’s a risk, but the payoff when it comes to his health is extremely big.

Undeniably, stem cells have plenty of therapeutic potentials, but according to Sanford, only a few have been revealed to work well in clinical experiments to gain the approval of FDA.

But the big question is why would Ben Greenfield a fitness expert who utters has no issues getting it up, want to attempt an unsafe, unproven method on himself?

Greenfield said in the Webinar that it is not normal. Also, he does not think an ancient man inoculated stem cells, particularly into his posterior region.

Nonetheless, he said that injecting his dick with stem cells is only one way to fight the dangers of modern life.