Wedding Fails: What Were They Thinking?!

12 min

The wedding day is probably one of the most important days in a couple’s relationship, so that is why everything – from the proposal, to the cake, to the bridesmaid dresses – has to be perfect. A lot of couples have ideas of how their perfect wedding will be, but are they always good ideas? Not exactly.

A Festive Proposal?

We’re sure that this guy had good intentions. Heck, he wanted to marry the woman of his dreams! Or should we say merry? We’re assuming this guy had the perfect proposal planned. He got all romantic, even taking the time to pop the question with rose petals.

Source: Buzzfeed

Unfortunately, he had a major spelling error, which kind of takes away from the grand romantic gesture. Wouldn’t you agree? Speaking of typos, the next wedding fail is sure to make any grammar perfectionist cringe.